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31-year-old female, recreational jogger


  • 31 years old, female, healthy
  • Body mass 125.6 lbs, body height 5.64 ft
  • Running since 2,5 years, formerly gymnastics
  • 10K-race 10 months before: 54:21 min
  • Planned to take part to a city-marathon in 8 weeks after exercise testing
  • About 40 miles average trainig mileage per week
  • Heart-rate with easy long jogs (green zone): ~ 145-155 bpm
  • Heart-rate with speed endurance runs (orange zone): ~ 165-172 bpm
  • No former exercise test results

Issues to the exercise test

  • Are the training intensities effective?
  • How's the specific endurance performance?
  • Where is the current race prediction for marathon running?

Exercise testing protocol

  • Multi-stage-test on the treadmill with lactate measurements
  • Step duration 3 minutes
  • First stage starting at 6 km/h, increment by 2 km/h with each stage

Exercise testing results

Original report from Ergonizer (pdf)


  • Maximal work rate: 14 km/h for 1:21 min
  • Endurance performance: 67th percentile compared to the same age group and gender
  • IAT at 9.6 km/h with an heart-rate at 139 bpm
  • Predictions for marathon: 4:26 h, half-marathon: 2:06 h, 10K: 53:10 min
  • Recommendation for easy long jogs: Heart-rate below 144 bpm
  • Recommendation for speed endurance runs: Heart-rates from 160 to 164 bpm


  • Training speed for endurance runs was too high. We urgently recommended a control via heart-rate monitoring.
  • Endurance capacity compared to the general community is over the average (67th percentile), but compared to competitive athletes in in the bottom third of the table (16th percentile).
  • The specific performance has been improve in reference to a former 10-K-race (54:21 min).
  • A marathon race between 4:30 h and 4:40 h for the first marathon is highly realistic.

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